To use multiple scales, you must define multiple scales. ZingChart defines new scale objects using the 'scale-y-n'  syntax. Once you have defined a new scale, you must assign that scale to the appropriate plot in the series object.

"scale-y-2": {
  "values": "0:400:100"
"series" : [
    // Will default to scale-x and scale-y
    // you can explicitly put
    // "scales": "scale-x, scale-y"
    "values" : [35,42,67,89,25,34,67,85]
    "values" : [235,342,267,389,225,334,267,385],
    // MUST use dash case and NOT camelcase (scaleY)
    "scales": "scale-x,scale-y-2"

Here's a demo displaying how to use multiple scales on your graph.



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