It is important to consider order when setting up ZingChart using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You must place the javascript after the chart div (The div with id="myChart" or something similar).

Here is an example of how ZingChart should be set up:

     zingchart.MODULESDIR = ""; ZC.LICENSE = ["569d52cefae586f634c54f86dc99e6a9","ee6b7db5b51705a13dc2339db3edaf6d"];     Powered by ZingChart  var myConfig = { type: 'bar',  series: [ { values: [35,42,67,89,25,34,67,85] } ]};zingchart.render({  id: 'myChart',  data: myConfig,  height: '100%',  width: '100%' });
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