How to Format Currency (with thousands separator) in the Tooltip and Y-axis


I'm trying to convert the following ZingChart variables in currency format (with thousands separator):

On Y axis:

Inside tooltip:

I was able to achieve the same inside the this.chartConfig.title.text by doing "this.currencyPipe.transform(this.highestBidTotal, 'USD', 'symbol', '1.0')", but with the above mentioned.

Can you please help me with this?

Please see the chart below and also attached:

As attached, I want both the Axis values and the tooltip values to be shown in currency format (having thousands separators e.g. $7,500). Is this possible with ZingChart?


The thousands-separator attribute allows you to do that in ZingChart. This attribute accepts a string value that will be used as the separator. This attribute can be added to the tooltip, scaleY and the valueBox properties to have the values shown in currency format(having thousands separators e.g. $7,500) as you required. Please use this demo for reference.

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