ZingChart: Does ZC work with ____ language, framework, or database?

ZingChart works with any language or framework that can execute JavaScript. ZingChart will work with any database, just transform your data to JSON or Javascript Array type. We are completely dependency free because our charting library is written in pure, vanilla (plain) JavaScript.

We created the following wrappers for our users:

We also have integration demos on our GitHub page, including for JavaScript frameworks such as Ember and Backbone, Microsoft C# frameworks such as .NET, Ruby frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra, Python frameworks such as Django, and databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, and Firebase. Browse our ZingChart integrations page on GitHub for a full list of demos.

We also welcome user-created demos! If you create one, please share it on GitHub and let our team know at support@zingchart.com

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