ZingChart: Place Javascript after the chart Div

It is important to consider order when setting up ZingChart using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You must place the javascript after the chart div (The div with id="myChart" or something similar).

Here is an example of how ZingChart should be set up:

     zingchart.MODULESDIR = "https://cdn.zingchart.com/modules/"; ZC.LICENSE = ["569d52cefae586f634c54f86dc99e6a9","ee6b7db5b51705a13dc2339db3edaf6d"];     Powered by ZingChart  var myConfig = { type: 'bar',  series: [ { values: [35,42,67,89,25,34,67,85] } ]};zingchart.render({  id: 'myChart',  data: myConfig,  height: '100%',  width: '100%' });
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