ZingChart: How do I add mobile charts to my webpage or application?

If your audience is primarily mobile, i.e., they're generally accessing your page through mobile devices such as tablets and phones, then we recommend using the ZingChart mobile charts plugin.

The mobile charts plugin allows for the use of touch gestures and JavaScript charting interactivity. The charts also appear with a mobile context menu that allows for image sharing and saving, as well as mobile crosshairs, zooming, and scrolling on bar, line, area, scatter, and bubble charts and a mobile indicator on pie and donut charts.

Try interacting with the below bubble chart on a mobile device to see the touch gestures and mobile features in action.

Example: https://demos.zingchart.com/view/J7ID8P0M

Ready to get started? Read the Mobile Charts Tutorial for information on how to setup and use the plugin. When you have questions, you can always chat with the ZingChart team (we're online Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Pacific time) or send us an email at support@zingchart.com.

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