ZingChart: How do I specify the layout of multiple charts in a graphset?

First, what is a graphset:[] ?

A graphset:[] provides the ability to create an array of chart objects. This allow you to create multiple charts within a single container on your page.

We have provided a detailed doc on how you can layout your graphset  here:

What benefit does graphset  provide?

Some benefits are specific to ZingChart features while others simply may be the preference of the developer.  If you are looking to encapsulate ZingChart into a single container or collection of containers to make it easy to work with then graphset  will help with that.  However, this is not required and simply a preference some developers may have.

ZingChart does have some features which are specific to working across multiple charts. If you are using any of the following features you will need to use graphset :

Shared Legend
Shared Crosshairs
Shared Zooming
Shared Scrolling

Please note, it is possible to implement similar functionality without using a graphset  but rather our API Events and Methods.

Please feel free to reach out if you need help from our team.

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