ZingChart: Displaying Tooltips on Scale Label(s)

You will use data-labels to store meta information to display when hovering. You will need to add the tooltip object to enable the hover state on the label itself.

scaleK: {
  tooltip: {
    text: '%data-labels',
    padding: '5px 10px',
    backgroundColor: 'white',
    borderColor: '#aeaeae',
    borderRadius: '10px',
    borderWidth: '1px',
    fontColor: '#607D8B'
  dataLabels: ['Dogs Long Text', 'Cats Long Text', 'Fish Long Text', 'Birds Long Text', 'Reptiles Long Text', 'Horses Long Text'],
  labels: ['Dogs', 'Cats', 'Fish', 'Birds', 'Reptiles', 'Horses'],

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