ZingChart: Does ZC offer licenses by product or developer?

ZingChart licenses by product or, more precisely, we license by the domain that your product, application, or website is associated with. We do not license by the number of developers or seats on a project. Our Pricing page explains the different license types we offer.

The website, internal, and SaaS licenses are for single domain websites, internal applications, and external applications, respectively. You can buy additional licenses for additional domains. We also offer support on an hourly or subscription basis, which may be appropriate based on the project breadth and number of developers on your team.

Larger organizations that have multiple applications or products will need the Enterprise, OEM, or Universal licenses. The Enterprise license allows for unlimited internal applications; it also does not check against domains, for users that require domain anonymity. The OEM license is priced based on the number of software products distributed and/or installed. For unlimited product distribution, domain anonymity, and partnership on development, the Universal license may be appropriate. Contact our sales team at sales@zingchart.com for more information.

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