ZingChart: I bought a license, but the watermark still appears. What should I do?

After you buy a license, you should receive an email and receipt from our Sales department. We will ask you to provide the domain names that the license will be applied to. We will then generate and send you the license files for those domains.

There are generally two reasons why the watermark is still visible on your charts:

  1. The license file needs to be appropriately placed on your page

  2. The license file was not requested for that particular domain

1. The license file needs to be included in the appropriate location on your page

Make sure the license key(s) is set to the ZC.LICENSE  variable, e.g.,

ZC.LICENSE =["569d52cefae-somevalue","ee6b7db5b517-somevalue"]

When placing the variable on your page, make sure it is located after you load the library and before the render method. See the below example.

<!doctype html>
<title>Basic License Usage</title>
<script src= "https://cdn.zingchart.com/2.2.2/zingchart.min.js"></script>


ZC.MODULESDIR = 'https://cdn.zingchart.com/2.2.2/modules/';

// license value is illustrative only, it won't work for you
ZC.LICENSE = ['569-some-value','ee6b7dbsome-value"];


<div id='myChart'></div>


var myConfig = {
   type: "bar",
   series : [ { values : [35,42,67,89,25,34,67,85] } ]

  id : 'myChart',
  data : myConfig,
  height: 400,
  width: 600


2. The license file was not requested for that particular domain

License files are generated for particular domains and applicable subdomains. Talk to our sales team on chat or by email at sales@zingchart.com, and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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