ZingChart: OEM Pricing

Every SaaS app is different and we know that a web model might not suit your needs. We are very open to working with you to create a licensing strategy to best suit your needs.

For air-gapped and embedded solutions, ZingChart offers an OEM license that is based on the number of deployments your organization plans to distribute. We offer pricing tiers up to an unlimited license, as follows:

Number of deployments

Annual Cost

Additional Deployments

10 or fewer deployments

$1,999 Annually

$125 each additional

11 - 25 deployments

$2,999 Annually

$100 each additional

26 - 50 deployments

$4,999 Annually

$75 each additional

51 - 150 deployments

$9,999 Annually

$50 each additional

Unlimited deployments

$21,999 Annually

No additional cost

Each tier also comes with some degree of support, please consult our OEM pricing documentation for details on each option:

If you have any questions about our licensing or pricing model, please reach out to sales@zingsoft.com directly, contact us through chat or submit a request through our contact form:

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