The branded version is free. Charts using this version appear with a ZingChart watermark and context menu item, which the user agrees not to remove, hide, or reduce the visibility of per our branded licensing agreement. This version is generally used by individuals or organizations who are testing out the product to determine whether ZingChart is an appropriate fit for their needs. It can be used in internal or external (SaaS) applications. It can not be used in a product that is distributed and/or installed.

The licensed version is paid, and all ZingChart branding is removed from the charts. We offer multiple license options: website, internal, SaaS, Enterprise, OEM, and Universal. You can always chat (see bottom-right corner of the page) or email our sales team at [email protected] to learn more about what license would best meet your needs.

Note that when it comes to library features and functionality, there is no difference between the branded and licensed versions. You have access to all the same chart types and features, because we want users to have a full understanding of what they’re going to buy.

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