ZingChart: How do I submit a support request?

You can submit a request through our form or by email. The requests we receive generally fall into the following categories.

  • Using ZingChart

  • Reporting Errors/Bugs

  • Licensing Questions

So that we can properly help you, make sure to provide the following information with your request.

Using ZingChart

For questions on how to configure the chart, make sure to first browse the articles in our help center. Use the search bar at the top of the page or browse by category and section. Our chart documentation also explains how to use the different chart types, basic elements, interactive features, and more.

If you still cannot find your answer, send your question through the support form or by email to support@zingchart.com.

Let us know what you're trying to do, and make sure to provide the JSON used to build your chart. It is almost always necessary to submit your chart JSON when making a request.

Reporting Errors/Bugs

You can report errors or bugs through our form or as an email to support@zingchart.com. Please make sure the report includes:

  • Description of the error or bug

  • Live demo (e.g., JSFiddle or CodePen) in the applicable runtime environment. (This is crucial so that we can replicate the issue on our own end.)

  • Browser used

  • Operating system

  • localhost or DNS

  • Error image, if available

Licensing Questions

The Licensing & Sales category of our Help Center answers many of the frequently asked questions we receive. For further help or to speak directly with our sales team, send an email to sales@zingchart.com.

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