ZingChart: How does ZingChart render charts in the browser?

Rendering methods

ZingCharts are rendered in SVG by default. SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is vector-based and generally the preferred format for rendering charts. Alternatively, you can set the render output to the pixel-based Canvas, which some users prefer for very large data sets or server-side image export. For legacy IE users (those using Internet Explorer 8 or older), the render output will automatically be set to VML. ZingChart will work in all browsers as far back as IE6.

To explicitly set the render output, add an output attribute to the render method. Specify how you want the chart rendered.

<code>zingchart.render({<br> id : 'myChart',<br> data : myConfig,<br> height : 400,<br> width : 600,<br> output : 'svg', // 'canvas', 'vml<br>});

Relative Documentation

  1. See our ZingChart Object and Methods documentation for more information

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