ZingGrid: OEM Licensing

Do I need OEM

Typically most people do NOT need an OEM licensing model. If you have an app with xxx.domain.com where xxx represents a list of subdomains. If this fits your use case, you do not need an OEM license.

What is OEM

ZingGrid OEM licensing is intended for the development, deployment, and marketing of a single distributed software product. We offer licensing in tiers based on the total number of customer installations for a named product.

OEM Licensing Tiers Allowed number of installs in buckets:

  1. OEM-25 Up to 25
  2. OEM-50 Up to 50
  3. OEM-100 Up to 100
  4. OEM-250 Up to 250
  5. OEM-X Unlimited

All OEM licensing tiers are available for either annual pricing or one-time perpetual pricing.

All OEM licensing will provide a license for development and staging environments. Additionally licensing will be provided for marketing purposes such as a brochure website. Finally we will provide license files for production distributions. The number of license files provided will be dependent on the number of installations allowed for the purchased licensing tier.

Annual Licensing

All Annual OEM licensing will provide access to the most current version of ZingGrid as long as the annual fee is paid. The OEM annual fee is required to included ZingGrid in the licensed product. There are no additional fees associated when upgrading to the most current ZingGrid versions.

Perpetual Licensing

All Perpetual OEM licensing will provide access to version 2.x.x of ZingGrid. Licensees will be provided with the ability to include ZingGrid version 2.x.x in their application in perpetuity. Upgrades can be purchased for a one-time fee at the discretion of the licensee. Additionally, licensees can choose to maintain an annual support and maintenance subscription. This subscription will provide access to the most current version of ZingGrid as long as the annual subscription fees are paid on-time and purchased within 90 days of the original license. The minimum support subscription required for each license varies.

Additional Installations

OEM license tiers provide access to a maximum number of installations. Should a licensee require additional installations they can either upgrade to the next tier or purchase individual installations at their current tiers single installation price. If licensee has purchased an annual license additional installations are annual fees and adhere to the same terms as their base license. If licensee has purchased a perpetual license additional installations are also perpetual and only require a one-time fee.

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